Mexican Food - Rancho de Corrales

Restaurant - Rancho de Corrales, the Mexican Food built in 1801 by Diego Montoya.
The spawling hacienda was at first a peaceful oasis, surrounded by fruit orchards. But the early tranquillity was shattered when, in 1883, the property was purchased by the Emberto family.
Luis and Louisa Emberto, a glamorous couple of French descent, entertained frequently and lavishly, filling the hacienda with the sound of revelry.
April 30, 1898 was fateful day for Louisa, for on that day Luis made good his threats and mudered his wife, shooting her twice as she ran for her own gun.
Now it was owned and managed by the Romero/Jaraillo families and known as Rancho de Corrales.
This restaurant located on Corrales, NM.
If you have opportunity pass there, don't forget to taste its culture.

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